2024 Africa Awards

Celebrating Australian industry pioneers, committed to ESG principles, who are forging a path in the African resources sector

The annual AAMEG Africa Awards celebrate ESG leadership in 2024

Emerging explorers, established producers and service providers, are called to compete for a prestigious 2024 AAMEG Africa Award 

Mark your calendars. The annual AAMEG Africa Awards, which will be held as part of the Africa Down Under Conference in September 2024, where you are all invited to celebrate ESG industry excellence.

Now in our sixth year, the 2024 Africa Awards have three categories which seek to celebrate Australian, or functionally Australian, companies exploring, delivering, producing or developing mineral and energy resources in Africa who can demonstrate their exceptional commitment to ESG principles.

There is also fourth category, which has a special social focus, called the Change-Maker Award for a Not-for-Profit Organisation or Charity. The Award is inviting Australian, or functionally Australian, charities whose core operations deliver benefits to people or initiatives in Africa. The organisation should be partnering with, or have the resources and energy companies to deliver tangible benefits to local communities.

At AAMEG, we know that companies that only recently started production cannot be compared to more established resource producers or services provider, as these companies face vastly different challenges, community expectations and budgets to deliver the planned change.

The 2024 Africa Awards categories are now well established and very popular, with multiple compelling nominations submitted in 2023.

We look forward to seeing all the nominations displaying an outstanding commitment to ESG principles.

The Awards were founded in 2019 to encourage ESG compliance

“We stand by companies who do good in Africa – so why not take it a step further and celebrate them too?” – Roger Staley, AAMEG CEO

As the Australia-Africa Minerals and Energy Group, we recognise that we have an important part to play in helping companies implement and report on global standards of mining operations throughout Africa.

With nearly half of our membership base being mineral explorers or miners in Africa, we also acknowledge that we are in a privileged position to encourage these companies to pursue the highest level of transparency and ethics in their international business.

Offering recognition to Australian entities that champion a transparent, equitable and mutually beneficial resources industry in Africa, the awards have quickly grown into a leading platform that showcases what it means to be a trailblazer of positive change.

Our relationships with leading industry bodies such as the Minerals Council of Australia, the Bribery Prevention Network and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade gives the Africa Awards substantial backing and support.

Share your work. Share your milestones.

The 2024 AAMEG Africa Awards celebrate Australian companies operating in the African resources sector.

Open to junior explorers, mid-tier producers and tier 1 majors, the Awards provide an opportunity for Australian, or functionally Australian, companies to showcase their ESG commitment among their peers. The Awards are open to AAMEG members and non-members, and all are encouraged to self-nominate, or recommend a peer. We will follow up with recommendations and assist them to prepare a nomination submission.

Our categories contain individual criteria to cater to emerging leaders, as well as the long-standing operators.

The Awards celebrate and honour companies of all sizes for their commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance principles in Africa.

Share how your company is making an impact in Africa in these ways. Companies that are exploring and developing, resource producing, services providing and even not-for-profits or charities who are, or could be, partnering with an Australian company mining in Africa are encouraged to apply.

Nominations will open in April 2024

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The AAMEG Africa Awards

Recognising Excellence

The AAMEG Africa Awards carry standing and status with governments and industry peers, identifying the recipients as Australian companies performing exemplary work in line with the ESG principles of AAMEG on the African Continent.

ESG Principles

Why Nominate?

Awareness for Australia's Impact in Africa

The Awards raise awareness of the significant impact and investment Australian minerals and energy companies make in Africa, forging meaningful connections and contributing to a host country’s socio-economic development.

Articulate your ESG Vision

Nominating for the awards is an opportunity for your company to be recognised for the work and effort made in articulating and delivering your company ESG vision. We encourage all Australian companies actively involved in the Africa resources sector to participate in the AAMEG Awards process.

How To Enter

The Africa Awards celebrate companies who are committed to ESG principles. Initiatives which prioritise environmental benefits, social benefits and/or good governance are worthy of celebration. Submissions to these awards might highlight their work as it pertains to the ESG principles.

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