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AAMEG Advocacy

As the voice of the industry, we are passionate about and committed to the sustainable and positive economic development of the African Continent and provide advocacy for policy to support and enable an equitable distribution of benefits and positive environmental and social legacies.

One of the key advocacy roles AAMEG fulfils on behalf of our members is to raise the profile of the significant investment and contribution that Australian mineral and energy companies make in Africa. We are constantly working to ensure our members’ concerns and issues are heard by both Australian and African governments as well as other key stakeholders.

AAMEG's Approach to Advocacy

AAMEG’s approach to Advocacy is pragmatic, collaborative, wide-ranging and effective:

  • Making submissions to Federal Government inquiries and working groups; presenting at seminars for government agencies as well as backgrounding Heads of Mission in Africa so that they can better understand and make representations on our behalf to their African counterparts.
  • Arguing the case in the public domain on issues that impact members.
  • Responding to requests by members to develop an AAMEG position on an issue that could impact a number of members (requiring other members to be canvassed)
  • Raising the profile of the significant positive investment and contribution that Australian mineral and energy companies have in Africa through media, conferences, and meetings.
  • Influencing policy development that promotes technical leadership in resource science, innovation, project development and sustainability best practice.
  • Advocating for sustainable and positive economic development of the African Continent.
  • At an individual company level, in-country assistance when dealing with government agencies.

A Voice for the Industry

Recent Focus

Much of our recent focus has been on issues relating to the security situation in West Africa, COVID-19, government appropriation and Anti-Bribery and Corruption practices. Looking forward we anticipate increasing government and public attention to emerging ESG related issues such as climate resilience, human rights, and transparency.

Building Strong Relationships

Since our inception in 2011 we have built strong relationships with key Australian Government agencies including DFAT, ASIO and the AFP, think-tanks (ASPI, Global Compact) and research centres (Curtin, CSRM) and made long lasting connections with international bodies such as the World Bank, OECD, European Union and the IFC.

A Platform for Sustainable Projects

By highlighting the importance and expertise of Australian companies we give our members a chance to acquire and successfully deliver sustainable mining projects while delivering positive social outcomes.

AAMEG Advocacy is most effective when it is used to advance the needs of its members so if you have an issue which you feel we should be prosecuting, please contact the CEO.

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