GCNA e-learning: Setting net-zero targets

By AAMEG | 25 July 2022

In December 2015, at the Conference of the Parties 21 Climate Conference in Paris, the UN achieved a global climate agreement which requires all countries to pledge action on climate change, with the aim of keeping global warming “well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels” and endeavour to limit it to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

Business has a key role to play in filling the gaps between the commitments made by Governments, and what is needed to achieve this goal, including through innovation and financing solutions.

The Science Based Targets initiative champions science-based target setting as a powerful way of boosting companies’ competitive advantage in the transition to the low-carbon economy.

These two short on-line courses will help to demystify Net-Zero and help you to align your company’s near- and long-term targets with climate science.

Course 1: Setting Science-based Targets

Prepared in close cooperation with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), the session aims at breaking down and illustrating the complexities around science-based targets (SBTs), introducing the initiative and showcasing the benefits of setting SBTs.

Science-based targets provide companies with a clearly defined pathway to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, helping prevent the worst impacts of climate change and future-proof business growth. In light of the latest climate science, the UN Global Compact calls on all companies to set their science-based targets with 1.5°C pathways and reach net-zero emissions by no later than 2050.

This Academy e-learning course will guide you in the process of setting a science-based target in support of a net-zero future. It will also offer an opportunity to hear from other companies about why they think setting science-based targets makes good business sense.

By completing this session and related learning materials, you will learn:

  • What is a science-based target?
  • How to set a science-based target?
  • What can companies do to align with 1.5 C pathways?

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Course 2: The Net-Zero Standard

The number of businesses committing to net-zero emissions is rapidly growing, but not all net-zero targets are created equal. Without adhering to a common definition, net-zero targets can be inconsistent, and their collective impact limited.

Responding to the pressing need for a common understanding of “net zero” in a corporate context, the Net-Zero Standard offers the world’s first framework for corporate net-zero target setting in line with climate science.

In this 20-minute, interactive e-learning course delivered by the UN Global Compact Academy and the Science Based Targets initiative, you will:

  • Discover how the Net-Zero Standard provides a common, robust, and science-based understanding of net-zero
  • Receive guidance on how to set science-based net-zero targets consistent with limiting global temperature rise to 1.5°C
  • Align your company’s near- and long-term targets with climate science

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