AAMEG Africa Awards 2021: Emerging ESG Leader Nominee – Geodrill Ltd GH

By AAMEG | 29 September 2021


Company Description

Geodrill is a leading exploration drilling company with operations in six (6) countries and two (2) continents, namely: Ghana, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali in West Arica; Egypt in North Africa; and Peru in South America.

With a fleet of 68 surface and underground drill rigs, Geodrill provides Reverse Circulation, Diamond Core, Deep Directional Navi Drilling, Air-Core, Grade Control, Geo-Tech and Water Borehole drilling services to major, intermediate and junior mining companies and operates the largest fleet of multi-purpose rigs in Africa.

Geodrill invests in modern equipment and world-class operations to supply its clients with a ‘one-stop’ drilling solution. As a purpose-led company, our expertise, experience in the field, highest maintenance and HSEQ standards, and ESG vision and values, has earned Geodrill a reputation for delivering results as demonstrated by an impressive rig growth profile, attributable to our strong culture of professionalism, customer satisfaction, and caring for the communities in which we operate.

Approach to environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters

Geodrill’s ethos has always been doing what is right, not just what is required. At the core of our vision and values is a commitment to the communities and the environment, in which they operate. Geodrill is committed to corporate leadership through community engagement and investment, leading environmental practices, and transparency and accountability with stakeholders. The Company is committed to driving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by leveraging its Corporate Social Responsibility program to achieve GRI and SASB standards for sustainable growth. Geodrill believes that responsible investment relates to the environmental and social impact of its activities, and the way the Company conducts its business.

In pursuit of these goals, Geodrill is committed to designing a strong ESG Framework with PWC being engaged in 2021 to formalise the targets and advise on rigorous metrics for measuring ESG targets and outputs. While this is being finalised the company has put in place a ESG policy and plan to ensure a balanced and comprehensive approach to each of the Environment, Social and Governance components.

Example of a Company initiative in Africa that aligns with one or more aspects of an ESG topic

In recent financial reporting periods Geodrill has contributed a significant 2% of its total revenue to its ESG program. 

Over the past 24 months Geodrill has honoured its CSR ongoing recipients while developing a strategy on creating a legacy for future generations and being responsive to urgent appeals. COVID has called for immediate initiatives, such as a community-based response to urgent hygiene needs in Burkina Faso, carried out with Rox Gold. Other extremely important causes have faced funding shifts due to COVID. A little girl’s emergency lifesaving surgery overseas for a rare and disturbing eye cancer is one example. Pearl Safe Haven, the first save house with a rehabilitation program for women and children survivors of gender-based violence in West Africa, has been an urgent priority. Geodrill first undertook to construct the borehole and provide a sizeable donation for the construction works along with the Australian High Commission to Ghana. Geodrill stepped up to fund the amount needed to complete the works, including the roof, and furthermore the furniture and fittings. Without Geodrill filling gap to finish the building, it would not have been completed, and thanks to the contributions it was able to open early 2021. 

In line with the UN SDG goals, education has been a key receiver of funds, employee and management time and efforts. Significant sums of 150,000cedi ($35,000AUD) per institution have been awarded to improve the technical competence/science laboratory, sporting and boarding facilities of three significant high schools: Achimota, Tamale and Mfantsipim. These schools are located throughout the country- in the capital, the north and the Cape Coast area respectively. While a lot of schools are in need, this will take competitive entry schools to the next level which also means a greater opportunity to continue to hire locally and have technical expertise home grown in Ghana.  

Education access remains an issue in Ghana for handicapped and an important step is providing for children in need of prosthetic limbs and specialised physiotherapy. Geodrill has been a long-term donor of Orthopedic Training Center in Nsawam. In June 2020, Geodrill donated an emergency roof for the Cerebral Palsy therapy building which had been ruined in a storm. Every year Geodrill  contributes speciality built wheelchairs for those in need at the center as well as general funding to continue giving movement back to children and youth (as well as adults) so that they can go on to participate in school and gain meaningful employment later on. 

Promoting environmental education in Ghana, Geodrill has funded several initiatives over the past 24 months:  Let’s Go Farming: a children’s farming and livelihood educational TV Show in Ghana, most recent episodes sponsored by Geodrill were August 7,14 and 21 (15,000/ $3,500) cedis to cover production and screening costs). 

An innovative collaboration with Children of the Light Ghana, a holistic education center was formed in November 2020 with an environmental creative- Mc Kingtorch Creatives. Children of the Light students were visiting the streets of Accra to read and share story time with children living on the street and became aware many were not sleeping on any kind of mat. Geodrill funded 120 mats that were entirely made in Ghana, using recycled materials. The mats were distributed by the children to other children sharing the gift of giving. These unique mats lead to a further collaboration with Mc Kingtorch and bus shelters have been commissioned out of 100% plastic waste. A collection site for plastic waste is hosted at the Geodrill Accra office. 

While these are just a sample of 2020-2021 projects Geodrill has undertaken in social and environmental aspects of its ESG it’s an impressive range of recipients, with a firm policy of non-discrimination. As much as possible, CEO Dave Harper has been sure to play an active part in donating not only funds, but committing his own time and that of key personnel at GEODRILL to ensure that the personal connection and value and significance of the projects is emphasized.

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