New Board Gears up to Focus on Reinstatement of International Travel in 2022

By AAMEG | 23 November 2021

The Australia-Africa Minerals and Energy Group (AAMEG) hosted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 18 November where a high number of nominations for Board elections saw a closely contested line up for participation in 2022.

Meriel Steadman, Partner of Mills Oakley was the only newly appointed Director, with long serving Director Andrew Dinning, CEO and Executive Chair of Sarama Resources re-elected.

The directors for 2022 are:

  • Peter De Leo (Chair) – Managing Director, Lycopodium Ltd
  • Sherif Andrawes (Director) – Head of Global Natural Resources, BDO
  • Colin Carson (Director) – Director, Corporate and Resource Consultants Pty Ltd
  • Tim Carstens (Director) – Managing Director, Base Resources Ltd
  • Andrew Dinning (Director) – CEO and Executive Chair, Sarama Resources
  • James Durant (Director) – General Manager – Projects, RareX Ltd
  • Mark Norwell (Director) – Managing Director and CEO, Perenti Ltd
  • Joseph Taboni (Director) – Manager – Global Risk Services, International SOS
  • Meriel Steadman (Director) – Partner, Mills Oakley

“I am excited to welcome Meriel Steadman to the AAMEG Board, an experienced advisor on complex international legal matters including those with African projects such as Sundance Resources, Danakali and Tiger Resources. Her experience and reputation align with our strategic objectives and will complement our 2022 team.

I also extend my thanks to the members of AAMEG who took the time to attend and contribute to decision making on the evening, ensuring that the Board is comprised of representatives who advocate the agenda that you hope to see executed in coming months and years,” commented William Witham, AAMEG’s CEO.

Peter De Leo, AAMEG’s Chair added to the sentiment, stating that the Board is strategically positioned for success, thanks to a diversity in member occupations and passions.

“The incoming AAMEG Board possesses a strong history with our organisation and its objectives, delivering a diverse pool of talents and professional interests from which to draw upon – this is integral to AAMEG’s forward strategy.”

De Leo also shared his thanks to outgoing Board members Ben Gargett and Krista Bates.

“Ben has made an invaluable contribution to AAMEG over the past five years participating both as Vice Chair and Director and has been a huge contributor to the direction and strategy of the Africa Awards. We are grateful for his time and influence. In addition, we thank Krista for her strong pragmatic and commercial approach supporting our membership growth over the past three years.

On behalf of the AAMEG Board, I extend my thanks for their input and look forward their ongoing involvement as members.”

Following the formalities of voting, highlights from the annual report were shared with reflection on key milestones and operational achievements in 2021 to inform planning for the coming year. In 2022, AAMEG’s Board will continue to develop appropriate strategy and advocate on behalf of members to reinstate overseas travel, which is integral to long term African-Australian project success.