Bannerman Energy, Nominee for Emerging ESG Leader for an Explorer/Developer, 2023 Africa Award

By AAMEG | 5 September 2023


Bannerman Energy is an Australian listed uranium development company.

Bannerman Energy’s corporate office is located in Perth, Western Australia and their Namibian subsidiary, Bannerman Mining Resources Namibia is located in the coastal town of Swakopmund, in the Erongo region of Namibia.

Bannerman’s flagship project is the Etango Project, located in the highly established uranium mining jurisdiction of Namibia.

After more than 15 years developing the Etango project, Bannerman is preparing to enter the construction and operation phase of the mine and hence expanded its corporate social investment (CSI) budget.

With this they were looking for a way to complement the contribution they already make to the education of Namibian learners through its Early Learner Assistance program.

Historically, around 40 per cent of students faced challenges in passing their major exams in Namibia.

To improve education outcomes amongst students, and to secure a body of successful school leavers, Bannerman identified Mondesa Youth Opportunities (MYO) for sponsorship so as to have the greatest impact possible in improving education outcomes in Namibia.



In partnership with the Rotary Club of Swakopmund, Bannerman has co-sponsored MYO to uplift education in the community.

MYO is a non-profit trust offering intensive education intervention for students from underprivileged schools who show ability and promise.

MYO’s aim is to develop leadership skills and to teach their learners to be good citizens of the future.

Bannerman provides support for MYO with a view to improving the employability of students who go through the MYO program.

Bannerman’s financial contributions provide stability to MYO, complementing the campaign-driven sponsorship that Rotary have provided for many years.


  • MYO focuses on educating the whole child, providing students from Grade 4-8 with supplementary skills development in subjects including English, Mathematics, Life Skills, Reading, Computer Science, Music and Sports.
  • In 2022, Bannerman successfully ran a campaign to sponsor a class of 24 MYO students, achieved by the company matching dollar for dollar the personal contributions from board members, the executive team and company shareholders.
  • Bannerman has increased support by a formalised co-sponsorship of MYO, alongside the Rotary Club of Swakopmund for an initial 3-year period.
  • Between Bannerman’s committed funding and Rotary funding initiatives, it is expected that the bulk of MYO’s operating expenses will be met, enabling the organisation to operate with financial certainty.


  • The introduction of changes to the school system and the implementation of a new curriculum resulted in a significant surge in the number of struggling learners. Of those who took their grade 11 exam in 2021, a mere 18.8% managed to succeed, and this figure dropped further to just 15% in 2022.
  • In contrast, MYO’s record of tracking learners since 2015 reveals a remarkable trend: none of the students who engaged with the MYO program for five consecutive years failed their final exams. Up to this day, MYO continues to have a 100% pass rate of their learners in their major exams.
  • The Alumni of MYO have been successfully employed or carried on to higher education on the back of training provided by MYO. All MYO alumni have left the facility with an excellent understanding of discipline required to be successful, strengthening their ability to be successful in the community and life after MYO.


  • Bannerman’s Co-Sponsorship of MYO allows the company to engage with and directly support students, their families and the wider community.
  • MYO apply a strict discipline regime with its students, who are expected to attend classes every day of the week. Families are involved and held accountable to ensure the children attend. Through this regular contact, Bannerman has maintained a hands-on approach to ensuring student success.
  • With the support of Bannerman, MYO can uplift students who show promise and ability, giving them the opportunity to receive additional education beyond the over-crowded school system and fulfil their potential.