Africa Awards 2022 Nominees – ESS (Environmental and Social Sustainability)

By Sarah Siva | 24 August 2022

Emerging ESG Leader

HSEC Outsourcing – a unique service supporting mining companies to implement ESG and sustainability in Africa, while developing the next generation of African HSEC leaders

  • ESS (Environmental and Social Sustainability) is an advisory services firm focused on implementing sustainable development in Africa.
  • ESS identified early on that extractive industries would face growing scrutiny on ESG risk-related issues. While many in the mining industry recognise that good ESG credentials are important, most (especially junior mining companies) find it hard to integrate it into their business model.
  • To address this, ESS developed a completely unique service called HSEC Outsourcing. The system simplifies HSEC management by providing a qualified HSEC team, as well as a project-specific HSEC Management System to align project developments with all applicable host country regulations and international frameworks as per investor requirements.
  • Aspects of HSEC management our services include:
    • A full-time in-country HSEC Manager (and additional team members as necessary)
    • A support team comprising an experienced HSEC Director and a Senior Partner
    • An HSEC Management System, comprising the main policies, plans, procedures and other documents that can be prepared without requiring external specialists
    • Back-office support provided by our dedicated remote HSEC team.

All of this at a fixed monthly rate, which allows mining companies to control costs while having access to high-quality and experienced HSEC personnel.