Revival of East African Ladies, Nominee for The Change Maker Award 2023 Africa Awards

By AAMEG | 5 September 2023


Created in October 2018, Revival of East African Ladies (R.E.A.L) is an Australian-run social enterprise which trains, employs and gives financial independence to vulnerable women in South Eastern Uganda and are looking to expand into East African countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan and Congo.

The project is firstly addressing unemployment and underemployment. Uganda’s national unemployment rate is 9.4%, while the unemployment rate for youth aged 18-30 is 13.3%. These rates are significantly worse as Ugandans are highly likely to be underemployed, in precarious and non-rewarding work, or in jobs that cannot offer decent incomes. R.E.A.L’s goal is to employ 100+ vulnerable women.

The project is secondly addressing the high incidence of preventable stomach diseases such as peptic ulcers and diarrhoea in East Africa, which is a commonly rampant health issue as per research. The prevalence of diarrhoea among children < 5 years in Uganda is 20%. In Uganda, diarrhoea is amongst the five leading causes of under-five mortality, contributing to more than 140,000 deaths every year and this accounts for 7.1% of all under-five mortalities in Uganda as per research. R.E.A.L’s goal is to improve Gastric Health outcomes for 26,000+ East Africans.

The project is thirdly addressing the limited access to organised sport for children and teenagers and lack of talent development. R.E.A.L’s goal is to recycle all profits back to expansion and school holiday sports programs, with 200+ children and teenagers in attendance.



  • At the heart of R.E.A.L is a dairy factory located in Najjera, Kampala (Uganda), which employs vulnerable women to make, package and market a range of probiotic yoghurt & cream cheese to improve gastric health.
  • All products are natural and probiotic with proven health benefits, and 100 per cent of their proceeds are directed to charitable community outreach projects such as the sports program.
  • R.E.A.L seeks to employ 100+ vulnerable women by 2026 in the operation of the dairy factory at Najjera, Kampala.
  • R.E.A.L engages small and medium local farmers (dairy, honey & vanilla), transport and logistics service providers, and suppliers of packaging & equipment to help build the local community.
  • Results: R.E.A.L have provided permanent employment to 20+ vulnerable women within the local community, offering them an opportunity to change their lives and gain financial independence. R.E.A.L has engaged 50+ suppliers and service providers.


  • The probiotic strain LGG, which is used in the yoghurt, is designed specifically to combat the bacteria that causes stomach issues and diarrhoea in children in the region. Refer to the study done at Aparisa-Asamuk primary school in Uganda.
  • It also confers immune boosting benefits generally. While it was specifically designed to combat health issues in children, the same benefits apply to adults.
  • Results: This strain has been proven to be effective on ulcers, because there is a large number of customers that tell us they take it to reduce, heal and inhibit ulcers.
  • Based on customer surveys taken by R.E.A.L sales staff when sampling R.E.A.L products at supermarkets, 50 per cent or more adults present with pain relating to stomach ulcers. Read more about the Probiotic Products and Customer Testimonials.


  • R.E.A.L. is currently operating a sports program in Najjera, Kampala in conjunction with the local church in the school holidays to develop fitness, skills, communication and self-confidence in children, and identify talent for further development.
  • The program includes netball, football, basketball and chess and runs on weekday afternoons in the school holidays. Professional coaches are procured to ensure the best outcomes for children.
  • The goal is to engage at-risk youth in meaningful and purposeful sport activities; foster an inclusive community spirit which encompasses children and youth from different socio-economic, gender and tribal backgrounds; identify and nurture kids who have the potential to excel, with individualised training opportunities; provide a physical space where kids can play sport by partnering with local organisations; and foster the love of sport and competition.
  • Results: 100+ children & teenagers in the young community of Najjera are engaged in the sports program who have developed fitness, skills and self-confidence. Over the years children with incredible talent have been identified to progress beyond the local sport program to a higher level, such as at the national league.