Ionic Rare Earths, Nominee for Best Innovation in Corporate Social Development 2022 Africa Awards

By Sarah Siva | 24 August 2022

Initiative: Makuutu Project ESIA and Plan for a Sustainable Future

  • The ESIA for the company’s Makuutu Rare Earths Project in Uganda will deliver net positive economic, social and environmental benefit to one of the poorest areas of Uganda.
  • There are 9 comprehensive Environmental and Social Management Plans in support of the ESIA including the Stakeholder Engagement Plan and associated Grievance Mechanism; the Resettlement Action Plan and associated Livelihood Restoration Program: and the Community Development Plan already commenced in 2022.
  • The Project will implement excellent controls on the handling and storage of large volumes of diesel fuel and process chemicals to avoid spills and pollution. Located at the top of a watershed in a high rainfall area, any spills would have the potential to pollute downstream farmland and protected wetlands.
  • The progressive creation of high-quality farmland in rehabilitated mining areas enables a modest and voluntary staged resettlement process, where resettled households are provided with a better house, better food-producing land and paid work on created agricultural projects without being displaced from their communities.
  • The standard of living of the broader community will gradually improve through employment, social support programs and improved infrastructure, with 1% of Project revenue invested into these programs.
  • At full production the Project will employ 1,200 Ugandan workers and an equivalent number of contractors. Social support programs and livelihood projects associated with resettlement will likely employ an additional 2,000 workers.