AAMEG is the peak body representing Australian companies engaged in the development of Africa’s resource industry. Our 100 plus members originate from the exploration, mineral and energy development, professional services, government and resources services sectors. We also offer associate membership for African Government participation.


By joining the AAMEG network you are demonstrating your organisation’s commitment to implementing and delivering best practice, sustainable outcomes in Africa. By tapping into our group experience, you will have direct access to leading entrepreneurs who have dealt with the many unfamiliar investment risks commonly experienced on the African continent, as well as gain valuable insights into establishing meaningful engagement with African governments and host communities, that we as Australian operators are so well known for.

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We believe in policy development that promotes technical leadership in resource science, innovation, project development and sustainability best practice.

AAMEG advocate on behalf of our members to raise the profile of the significant investment and contribution that Australian mineral and energy companies have in Africa. As the voice of the industry, we are passionate about and committed to the sustainable and positive economic development of the African Continent.

Australia is considered a global leader in resource governance and AAMEG embodies the ethical philosophies demonstrated by our members’ conduct in Africa, not just within the communities in which they work, but with the broader stakeholder audience and host governments.

By aligning your business with AAMEG, you can influence Australian minerals and energy success in Africa, and enhance the reputation and investment climate for the Australian resources industry.


AAMEG supports member companies to conduct operations successfully in Africa, providing unique insights to address technical and non-technical risks.

AAMEG members have access to first-hand, real-time insights that target current operational challenges and best practice. We seek to facilitate the exchange of ideas that contribute to the positive development and performance of Australian resource companies in Africa through the delivery of events, workshops, introductions, publications and online platforms.
The complex nature of doing business in any foreign destination and specifically the developing economies of Africa cannot be underestimated. To successfully manage expectations and deliverables across a broad cross section of stakeholders, comprehensive engagement must begin at the highest levels of government and filter through to state or provincial leadership before developing trust and rapport with host community structures.

Our members collaborate on issues including:
• Political and social risk
• Skills development
• Security and health
• Poverty
• Bribery and corruption
• Investment climate updates
• Security
• Foreign law and regulation

AAMEG is active in providing support to member companies on social impact and community development projects, in addition to the complex issues surrounding successful operations in Africa.


AAMEG exists to forge connections between the Australian minerals and energy industry in Africa and its key stakeholders, both at home and abroad.

We believe in the power of a good network, bringing people together over a common point of interest, ‘doing business in Africa’, while connecting people from different backgrounds. Whenever our members are impacted by any serious event such as policy or legislative change, war, terrorism, acts of nature etc., AAMEG has an important role to play. This could include parliamentary representation, educating, capacity building, facilitating an industry-wide response, mobilising resources, or sharing knowledge.

Currently we represent and support almost 80 Australian mining, oil and gas, exploration, service and supply companies, and individual consultants active in Africa. Our reach across industries is extensive, and includes: Government, Education, Agricultural, Legal, Finance and Accounting, Insurance, Marketing, NGOs, Not-For-Profit and many other participants crucial to mineral and energy success in Africa.

Being an Australian led organisation, AAMEG works actively at the State and Federal levels to engage the Government’s cooperation on mining related activity in Africa. Most recently we played an influential role in the current Senate Inquiry into Australia’s Trade relationships with Africa – this is just one of many examples of how we build connections.

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