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Take Five

What is Take Five?

Take Five has become a metaphor for risk management – a pause to identify hazards, to think through the consequences of your actions, to identify controls that you could put in place and to check that what you are doing is working as you expected.

The AAMEG Take Five has been prepared by members who have spent many years in Africa and who are more than happy to share their experience, giving you the opportunity to tap their in-depth, on-the-ground expertise to find the gaps in your understanding of the environmental, social, health, security and government issues you will need to manage if you want to operate successfully in Africa.

Through a series of simple questions, you will get a sense of how well prepared you are to operate in Africa and where you may need to do some further work.

When you’ve identified where the gaps in your knowledge (and we’re sure you will find at least one) AAMEG gives you a few options – use the members directory to connect with the authors and other members who have “been there, messed up, wish I hadn’t…” (you’ll find we are a generous mob) or check out the Resource Hub where you’ll find insights, research and resources posted by members or sourced by AAMEG.

Take Five Now:

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