Eco Tourism CSR opportunities in Africa

Ecotourism in Africa is a valuable development tool which, when responsibly planned and implemented, delivers benefits to both local communities and visitors alike. Ecotourists are prepared to travel to inaccessible places, endure challenges and get along without luxuries in order to experience the earth’s wonders – be they natural, cultural or man-made.

Ecotourism is also about enabling local communities to enjoy a better quality of life, through increased socio-economic benefits and an improved environment. Mining companies can play a vital role in developing this industry by investing in well-researched and conceptualised ecotourism products, which can benefit communities directly as shareholders, as well as through job creation – the multiplier effect of this industry is significant.

South African company Master Plan Eco is looking to partner with Australian mining companies to develop ecotourism CSR projects around their African mine sites, and interested companies are invited to read more about this concept here (download pdf).

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