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The D-Risk security intelligence service provides live security alerts to smartphones and computers as they occur. Alerts are located on an interactive map and are classed as either terrorist attacks, civil unrest, kidnappings or armed robbery.

Developed by Sahara Mining Services in strategic partnership with MS Risk and with the direct input of AAMEG members, D-Risk enables companies and travellers to accurately assess the risks and dangers with their businesses, investments and travel plans. Sahara Mining Services CEO Beau Nicholls said the inspiration for this mobile app came about through operational necessity.

“Sahara operates in remote parts of West Africa, and our field personnel had been subject to armed robbery attacks whilst on assignment,” he said. “Additional terrorist attacks at the Splendid Hotel in Ouagadougou and Radisson Hotel in Bamako were literally kilometres from where Sahara have offices and employees working. Sahara took the steps of forming a joint venture with MS Risk and the combined skills of MS Risk and Sahara resulted in the development of the D-Risk Application.”

MS Risk is an international consultancy specialising in security risk management and crisis response, and Sahara is an African focussed company which provides services for exploration & mining, oil & gas, agriculture, marine and infrastructure projects. The alert system was developed entirely in West Africa by local software programmers.

AAMEG members have already tested this system and reported local incidents that escape the broader media, making the app even stronger. Doug Horak, AAMEG CEO, said this new system will be invaluable in ensuring the safety of all members working in West Africa.

“Maintaining a high level of security for our members is of the utmost importance to AAMEG,” he said. “We have taken a lead role in responding to current security concerns across Africa, so this new system will help us continue that work.”

D-Risk currently covers Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Togo, Ivory Coast, Mali, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Mr Nicholls said this app will help companies who are working in West Africa understand historical and future threats that will be presented.

“With the deteriorated security situation across North Africa specifically since the Libyan War and the fall of Gaddafi regime, West Africa has seen a marked increase in terrorism and other high-risk incidents tracked by the D-Risk application,” he said. “D-Risk provides a common platform that can see subscribers contribute to everyone’s safety. It is near impossible to prevent the next attack, but it is now possible for companies and individuals to be well prepared with the latest information at your fingertips to track, trend and mitigate security exposures to meet duty of care obligations and achieve improved operational confidence.”

The D-Risk fatality data was gridded via geological GIS software, to create a fatality heat map which shows the number fatalities after each incident recorded in the database (figure 1). An innovative use of exploration technology, this is the most accurate fatality map available in West Africa. A future update for the app will include a panic button, with Sahara and MS Risk now working to create secure response groups (e.g. police) and private networks as an additional feature for mining personnel.

The app is currently available to download onto your Android smartphone via the Google Play store. An iPhone app is currently being developed and will be available shortly.

Alternatively, you can visit the D-risk Alert website.

Figure 1: Heat Map


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