AAMEG Africa Awards: Tania Constable Judge Q&A

We believe it is important to have a diverse panel base, as it assures that judging takes a multitude of factors into account rather than viewing submissions from a singular lens. We are incredibly proud of the judges we have sourced for our 2020 Africa Awards as they embody progressive and practical values, which reflect the positive change we are advocating for in our mining and resources sphere.

One such panellist is the Emerging ESG Leader Award Sponsor – Mineral Council of Australia’s CEO Tania Constable. Tania has spearheaded some sensational projects throughout her decorated career and took the time to share some of her insights on the evolving minerals industry and its relationship with ESG.

QUESTION 1 – As Chief Executive Officer, your role at MCA involves advocating for a vibrant and innovative minerals industry in Australia. Where do you see the minerals industry heading in 10 years’ time?

Over time, population growth and escalating demand means that the world’s appetite for Australia’s world-class resources is expected to remain strong.

Australian mining supports our future heavily – including sustainable power, renewable energy, electric vehicles, advanced engineering and even commercial space travel.

I believe that mining will continue to make a significant contribution to the economy, to jobs and to regional communities.

QUESTION 2 – What is your proudest career achievement to date and why?

For me, advocating for Australia’s world-leading minerals industry, its workforce and regional communities so the sector has continued to operate during the COVID-19 pandemic has given me a great sense of pride.

The work of the MCA and our members is helping to restore national confidence in Australia’s minerals industry. It does so through acting as a leading advocate, promoting and enhancing sustainability, profitability and competitiveness. Being a part of MCA to me is being a part of a company that represents the very best in the minerals sector.

QUESTION 3 –The Minerals Council of Australia is proudly sponsoring the Emerging ESG Leader Award. What is the significance of this Award and how does it align with MCA’s values?

This new award identifies emerging leaders who champion sustainable and tangible benefits for African communities.

The MCA’s sponsorship shows that excellence in environmental, social and governance achievements is central to the positioning of our sector and how the industry engages with communities.

Over the last couple of years, the MCA has taken the lead on sustainability to better reflect the community’s expectations on ESG issues, so this award clearly aligns with our values.

QUESTION 4 –In your opinion, why is it important for Australian companies mining in Africa to adhere to ESG principles?

The ESG principles transcend borders.

These principles and practices are equally relevant to Australian mining companies operating in Australia and operating overseas, because our companies have a responsibility to demonstrate best practice and transfer knowledge wherever they operate.

QUESTION 5 – From an AAMEG Awards Judge perspective, what does an ESG Award Winner have to embody

The winner needs to show a strong commitment and pro-active approach to addressing ESG principles in their everyday work. They should also be making a difference to the socio-economic development of the communities in which they operate in Africa.

The award winner would be able to demonstrate how their initiatives engages the community in which they are operating, how they applied ESG principles, how they managed expectations and be able to list the positive impacts and/or outcomes of their initiative on the host community.

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