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We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Australia-Africa Minerals & Energy Group.

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Through the planned inclusion of community interests into core business and corporate decision making, AAMEG members are honouring the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit, as well as enhancing the standing and brand of the Australian mining sector in Africa.

At the core of being an AAMEG Member is commitment to principles contained within selected Guiding Documentation, which AAMEG has identified as being particularly relevant to the African investment environment.

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Membership Fee Structure

The membership fees for publicly listed companies are levied on the basis of company market capitalisation, and are inclusive of GST. Membership is renewable annually from date of sign up. The membership fees for unlisted service and supply companies are based on number of employees.

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 $2,750 (Market Cap. less than $100 million) $5,500 (Market Cap. $100 million to $1 billion) $8,250 (Market Cap. greater than $1 billion) $3,300 (Unlisted Service and Supply Companies) $1,500 (Unlisted Small Service and Supply Companies (up to 25 employees) $500 (Sole Trader)

Privacy statement

In accordance with the Data Privacy Act, AMMIG does not disclose members’ contact details to third parties. The purpose
of collecting contact information is to process membership and keep members up-to-date with policies, advocacy activities,
networking events and general AAMIG information.

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Commitment to Guiding Documentation

Companies wishing to become members of AAMIG, will be expected to adopt the principles contained in the Guiding Documentation into the cultures of their companies through appropriate training programs. This Guiding Documentation may incorporate amendments and additions.