Basis of membership

In response to a recognised need, AAMEG has created a membership category specifically for African governments that wish to have open dialogue with the members of the Australian Resources industry. There are no membership fees or charges for Associate Members, and all input is pro-bono.

Aim of Membership

– To engage in relevant dialogue and build positive relationships with African Governments where AAMEG members are involved.


To facilitate strategic partnerships and dialogue including:
– Discussion between Associate members and Mining companies over operational issues.
– Determine capacity building opportunities in host countries that members can engage in.
– Determine opportunities for host countries to engage with Australian Governments, Academia and NGOs.

Proposed Engagement

– Two forums each year (Indaba and ADU), to exchange ideas and build relationships between AAMEG members and Africa Governments.
– Individual meetings facilitated by AAMEG between relevant Member Companies and Associate Members. These meetings can be scheduled during dignitary visits to Australia, or in-country, where appropriate.

To Join

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