Anti-Terrorism Briefing with ASIO

Andrew Dinning Represents AAMEG at Briefing with DFAT.


Andrew Dinning, AAMEG Board Member, and CEO of Sarama Resources hosted a briefing with the Australian government’s anti-terrorism unit and members of the DFAT at the ASIO offices in Canberra. Speaking on behalf of AAMEG members, Andrew Dinning provided a general industry overview of the challenges and operating environment faced in Africa, with a view to sharing information that will better inform federal and state-level decision-making, policy development and government understanding.

A follow-up meeting with DFAT, held in Perth in late June continued the conversation of improving the levels of support to the minerals and energy industries and creating mutual opportunities for greater public-private engagement.

Andrew Dinning commented, “The more information we can share about the progress and IP our industries are contributing to both the Australian and African economies, the more our industry will be viewed as a resource to be tapped. Whether it’s policy development or government aid investment, creating shared value for everyone is the key to success.”

AAMEG will continue to keep members updated on our work in getting the message across.

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