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AAMEG Africa Awards

About the Awards

The AAMEG Africa Awards recognise Australian explorers, miners and industry service organisations who champion a transparent, equitable and mutually beneficial mineral resources industry in Africa.

The awards are open for AAMEG members and non-members, from juniors through to majors and supermajors.

The awards represent an enduring testimonial to the visionary approaches the recipients have used to deliver long term benefits for the communities within which they operate, including improving community outcomes across employment, health, education and environmental stewardship.

The Awards Have Three Categories:

1. Best Innovation in Corporate Development

This award recognises an outstanding company initiative that delivers sustainable and tangible benefits to a community while demonstrating leadership in environmental, social and governance practices.

The recipient will have demonstrated that they have gone beyond traditional CSR and ESG efforts, showing collaboration and engagement between your company, local communities, and host government.

2. Best Workforce and Industry Development Initiative

This award recognises a company demonstrating leadership in local workforce development.

The recipient will have demonstrated capacity building and empowerment of local people, innovation through training or workforce development, and have addressed local content requirements such as mentoring and apprenticeships.

3. Emerging ESG Leader

This award applies to companies with a market capitalisation below $100,000,000 and / or less than 25 employees whose outstanding company initiative delivers sustainable and tangible benefits to their host communities.

2020 Winner: Base Resources


Nominate for 2021

2020 Winner: Geodrill Ghana


Nominate for 2021

2020 Winner: Orion Minerals


Nominate for 2021

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2019 Winners

Best Innovation in Corporate Development

Winner: Syrah Resources


Best Workforce and Industry Development Initiative

Winner: Resolute Mining

Recognising Excellence

The AAMEG Africa Awards carry standing and status with governments and industry peers, identifying the recipients as Australian companies performing exemplary work in line with the ESG principles of AAMEG on the African Continent.

ESG Principles

Why Nominate?

Awareness for Australia's Impact in Africa

The Awards raise awareness of the significant impact and investment Australian minerals and energy companies make in Africa, forging meaningful connections and contributing to a host country’s socio-economic development.

Articulate your ESG Vision

Nominating for the awards is an opportunity for your company to be recognised for the work and effort made in articulating and delivering your company ESG vision. We encourage all Australian companies actively involved in the Africa resources sector to participate in the AAMEG Awards process.